• 57 Musk Av Kelvin Grove Qld 4059

The Village Centre Community Library


Borrow and return any of the Village Centre Community Library books.


Bring a book & swap it with any of the books on the shelf.


Leave a book of yours at the Village Centre Community Library to share.


Located in the Carraway St Mall entry next to the lift.

Enjoy the free Community Library by The Village Centre!

Terms and Conditions of Use:

All the books are free to borrow and swap.

Please take care of these books as they are provided to the public to use for free.

Please do not write in or damage the books in any way while it is in your possession to ensure they can continue to be shared with others.

Borrow: These books are for use while you relax with a coffee at one of our eateries. Feel free to take the book home with you and bring it back when you have finished reading it.

Swap: Love the book? Please swap the book with a replacement book of your own to share with others. This ensures the library always has books for people to read. The book you are leaving must be in good condition, with all pages present and be a maximum rating of M.

Donate: We welcome any books you would like to donate to share with other library users, please ensure book in good condition and has a maximum M rating.


Please only borrow 1-2 books per person at a time to ensure there are enough books for all, thank you.