Galina and Alex of Authentic Taste of XinJiang have more than 10 years of experience between them in the hospitality/restaurant industry. Galina began her career as a Chef and restaurant owner in Sydney and Alex in Adelaide, before both relocating to Queensland.
During the first years, Galina was working as a Chef, where Alex took over the restaurant Galina was working in.
Alex and Galina’s business partnership began 2017, when the new restaurant opened in Southport, Gold Coast. Since then, they have opened four shops in total, sold two and 2 still operating.
Galina and Alex opened Authentic Taste of XinJiang in October 2019.
The food they create is Authentic to their Uyghur culture (Weigur in Chinese). Urumqi (preferred name for their country) is situated in the North Western part of China, bordering with many of the Stan countries, India, Mongolia above and Tibet below.
They are a Muslim minority with a deep rooted history within the region, sharing ancestral history with Turkey and other Turkic regions.
What makes their food unique is the flavour. Although they are known as a Chinese restaurant which is mainly due to geography, they prefer not to be categorised as such.
There is some influence of Chinese in the cooking, however that is more style than taste. Meaning, they do wok cooking, but the taste of the food is very different from that of traditional Chinese cuisine.
One major difference is they don’t do pork, as they are Muslims and only use Halal Certified meats.
An Authentic Taste of XinJiang specialty is the Kawap, which is skewered meat cooked over coal….there are lots of versions of this type of bbq, but their dish stands out not only in flavour but texture. This is due to the marination of the meat prior and the cooking technique, where mixture of spices are used in the cooking process.
Authentic Xinjiang food is fresh, from the vegetables, meats, handmade noodles, dumplings and so much more – are all made on the premises. They don’t outsource foods, everything is made by hand and served are in store, as the food is unique to the Uyghur Culture.
Authentic Taste of XinJiang is open 9am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm for dinner from Monday to Saturday, located in the entrance on Carraway street.

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